The Bike Path

We went on to a bike path and it was so fun. We brought out iPod’s and took a lot of photos!

 here is one of them. this is one where you take a picture looking up.

To get good pictures you have to get at the perfect angle. this ids one were you have to get down on the ground.


How to make a quality comment

This is a poster to help you make a good quality comment. Lauren, Patience, and Me. For a quality comment you never want to correct anybody’s spelling mistakes or  any mistakes that they made. Always start your comment with a complement to make the person that the comment is to happy. then at the end ask a question to start a conversation. But make sure that you check the other comments so that you don’t ask the same question or say the same thing.

Thanks For Reading

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All About My Avatar

My name is Ava

I chose my avatar to have brown hair because I have brown hair that is not curly so I made my Avatars hair straight. I also made my Avatar hold a dog because I have a dog but my dog is a lot bigger then that. My dog is brown and black and he is a long haired German shepherd.                                                                                                                                                I made my Avatar have red lips because I have very dry lips so I put a lot of  lip gloss on and it makes my lips very red.

My Avatar has a blue shirt on because my favorite color is blue. I also made my eyes brown because I have brown eyes. I made the background winter because I love winter. The reasons I like winter are because there is Christmas, I can ski, I can make snow angels, it is really fun to jump on my trampoline when there is snow on it, and I love to make snow angels in the snow.              This is my Avatar


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